Take a Deep Breath! Here are 20 Coping Mechanisms for Holiday Stress!

In 2017, SAVA educated 5982 young people through our prevention education programs in Weld County and Larimer County. Our Prevention Education team leads age-appropriate education sessions in the Poudre School District, Thompson School District, The Rodarte Center and District 6, to teach Northern Colorado youth about consent, gender stereotypes, and gender violence. 

Autumnal Thanksgiving Arrangement

This makes them experts in stress management.

If you’re dealing with stress this season, our Prevention Education team has brainstormed 20 coping skills for powering through a hectic holiday, while reminding us of the importance of listening, believing, and supporting survivors:

et yourself cry

nvite a friend over


ry something new

ake a walk


N etflix

giphy (16)

B reathe

njoy the present moment

isten to music

ce skating

at good food

iew a movie

scape to the mountains


giphy (15)


nique Experience:

roduce art

lay with pets

nline shopping

ead books

hanking with friends and family


giphy (14)