Let’s Get Clinical – Five Reasons Our Clinical Team is Thankful for SAVA!

The Clinical Team at SAVA offers counseling services to clients who have experienced sexual trauma.  Our counseling services serve adults, children, and groups. Given our intensive work at SAVA, there is always so much to be thankful for, that narrowing it down to five points was difficult. 

Here’s our attempt to be brief: We have five things we are truly, majorly, passionately thankful for in 2017:

  • There’s something about the smell of fresh paint and new carpet that gets us excited about possibilities that lie ahead!  We are so giddy to announce that we have added new office space at our Weld County location!  This space will accommodate a new therapy office and two separate playrooms for children.  This will allow us to serve more clients in the Weld County area, and we’re so happy to have the chance to do so.  In preparation for the kiddos, we are in the midst of shopping for and discovering new toys. It’s been a nostalgic journey back into childhood!  We are so excited, and so grateful to our donors who have helped us accomplish this long-time goal.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

  • Did you know that 1 in 6 American women and 1 in 33 American men are the survivors of attempted or completed rape?  At SAVA, we are thankful for the opportunity to provide ongoing support to these individuals.  Whether it be through our counseling services, the phenomenal work of our prevention team, the rockstars in our direct services department, or the amazing services our bilingual advocates provide- or any combination of the above- we have the opportunity to work toward ending sexual violence. We are in the unique position to witness the amazing accomplishments of our clients daily! 


  • We are thankful that the clinical team has two new team members!  Vania Kacir, our former SAVA bilingual advocate, joined the clinical team over the summer, and is officially completing her Master’s degree in counseling this December.  We are so excited!  Vania brings a wealth of knowledge about healing from sexual trauma, and an exceptionally high level of energy, compassion, and empathy to the team.   Welcome to the team, Vania, and congratulations on completing school!  What a major accomplishment.  Also, we are welcoming the fantastic William Bates onto our team as the new Director of Client Services.  We are so excited to have Will as he brings a great deal of knowledge about trauma, a ton of experience as a therapist and supervisor, and a great sense of humor.  With these new additions to the clinical team, we are on fire!


  • Among what could be an exceptionally long list of things we’re thankful for, we would be remiss in not mentioning snowy Colorado days!  As the snow falls outside our window, we are thankful for the peace, silence, and reflection that snowy days bring.  We love snowy days, especially getting cozy in front of the fireplace, wrapping up in a quilt and enjoying warm comfort food. Sweatpants included, of course! Which brings us to our last point….


  • Coffee!  We’re not talking about just any coffee, but really good coffee.  The Clinical Team is so thankful for coffee. Whether you like it loaded with cream and sugar, flavored with delicious pumpkin spice creamer, or black, it can’t be denied that coffee fills us with cozy goodness.  The clinical team couldn’t get by without it. 

In 2018, the clinical team is looking forward to getting to know our new fantastic team members, Vania Kacir and William Bates.  Also, we’re excited to expand our ability to offer play therapy services to kiddos as young as age 3. 2018 is going to be a great year.

Compiling this list has been lots of fun, but in conclusion we’d like to extend a big huge thank you to all of our volunteers, supporters, and donors.  We couldn’t run this organization without your generosity and support.  Above all else, we are thankful for you.


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with all the people and food you love!