Child Survivors

SAVA’s services are available to anyone affected by sexual violence age 14 and older in Larimer and Weld Counties.


Notice: SAVA additionally serves survivors of sexual assault ages 3-13 in Weld County at our Greeley office location.  If your child is under the age of 14 and needs therapy services in Larimer County, please contact ChildSafe.


What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Child sexual abuse occurs when a child is used as an object for the sexual gratification of an adult or caregiver through manipulation, exploitation, threats, or physical force.

 Do children lie about sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse is NOT something that children typically make up stories about, lie about, or
fantasize about.

Don’t parents know when their child is being abused?

It is not unusual for parents to be unaware of any child sexual abuse before their child discloses.

Isn’t there always physical evidence of child sexual abuse?

Physical violence is rarely used and conclusive physical violence is rarely found.

Are there signs or symptoms of child sexual abuse?

Changes in your child’s behavior are signals and may mean your child needs help. These are possible indicators of child sexual abuse:

A marked change in behaviorView More:
Sleep disturbances
Sexually victimizing another
Suicidal thoughts
Inappropriate sex play or premature understanding of sex
Chronically runs away
Regressive behavior such as baby talk, excessive clinginess, or bedwetting


What Services Can SAVA Offer?

If you suspect child sexual abuse, contact your local law enforcement agency or Child Protective Services (844.264.5437) before contacting SAVA.

What SAVA Can Do for You

SAVA’s services are offered to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones. If your child has been a victim of sexual abuse, you may feel a range of emotions and the need to process them.

View More: following services are available to you as you walk down the path of healing with your child:

Individual therapy
Group therapy
Secondary survivor workshop
24-hour rape crisis line
Support throughout judicial proceedings involving your child’s case
Additional advocacy services


What SAVA Can Do for Your Child

Every child reacts differently to trauma. SAVA’s trained therapists specialize in trauma focused play therapy to help and support your child through the healing process. SAVA will provide a safe and comfortable space for self-expression as your child engages in play therapy.


What is Play Therapy?

Play is our first language. Just as adults use words to communicate, children use play.  This approach allows for the expression of thoughts and feelings that might otherwise remain hidden.  SAVA’s therapists have received specialized training in Play Therapy to be able to provide age-appropriate resources for child survivors of sexual abuse.

* Content adapted from  the Association for Play Therapy brochure.

View More: View More: View More:


Additional Community Resources

Information about child sexual development (courtesy of the Larimer County Child Advocacy Center): 

Ages 0-5 years

Ages 5-9 years

Ages 9-12 years

Ages 13+ years

Weld County Child Advocacy Center

The Child Advocacy Center provides a child-focused environment to gently support child victims of sexual and physical abuse and their non-offending family members.  The Center encourages a coordinated response to the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse. Contact A Kid’s Place to learn more.

 Child Protective Services

Colorado has a state-wide hotline to report suspected child abuse and neglect.  Call 1-844-CO-4-Kids if you suspect child sexual abuse.


Thank you to the Larimer County Child Advocacy Center for information and resources used on this page!