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Direct Victim Services

SAVA’s direct victim services provide a safety net to individuals impacted by sexual violence. SAVA’s services offer accessible, inclusive therapy and support services to victims regardless of income, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status or any other characteristic. SAVA provides help for individuals ages 14 and up who have experienced rape, incest, child sexual assault, ritual abuse, date and acquaintance rape, statutory rape, marital or partner rape, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, exposure, or voyeurism. Direct victim services incorporate crisis intervention, victim advocacy (e.g., legal, medical), clinical therapy, and private support groups to ensure that each victim finds the help that is right for them. All of SAVA’s direct services are offered free of charge or based on a sliding-scale fee for service.


Prevention Education

SAVA’s prevention education program reaches youth through gender-specific programming that is offered within public school systems. By incorporating social action groups, peer leadership and public speaking opportunities, athletic activities, and theater, SAVA offers multiple avenues for youth to apply their strengths and interests to a social cause that fosters improvements in environmental safety and the welfare of their generation. SAVA encourages youth-ownership of all efforts via a “by-kids/for-kids” approach so that youth are able to guide, plan, and execute activities that are relevant to them. All activities are supported and assisted by a SAVA staff member who ensures that activities embrace various perspectives and allow for all voices to be welcomed and valued. All activities identify and explore cultural values that may influence the experience and effectiveness for diverse groups.